About Us

At Vista Rose DMS, under the expert guidance of Paul Rosales, we unveil the transformative world of Digital Modeling Services. Our flagship course, “Mastering BIM Coordination,” is not just a learning experience; it’s an immersive journey into the intricacies of Building Information Modeling. Paul Rosales, with over two decades in AEC design and coordination, will guide you through the nuances of BIM Coordination Team Challenges. His firsthand experiences on monumental projects – from the sleek lines of modern hospitals to the sprawling complexity of data centers and stunning retail experience centers- are not just lessons, but stories etched in the very foundation of these structures.

Each course, meticulously crafted by Paul and his team, is an arsenal of knowledge, ready to arm you with the skills to not just navigate but excel in the digital modeling landscape. At Vista Rose DMS, we don’t just teach; we transform you into builders in the digital world.

Picture of Paul Rosales in 2004 Smiling in black and white format